UPTET Syllabus 2022 in English & Hindi [Paper 1 + 2]

In this post we will discuss about UPTET Syllabus 2022 in English & Hindi [Paper 1 + 2] in detail and all the download resources are available at interviewquestionssurvey. Books, PDF and all other study materials can be downloaded from here in Hindi or English.

UPTET Selection Process & Exam Pattern

Friends, I would like to tell you that the UPTET Selection Process is mainly completed in 2 points, which I have explained in detail below.

  • Paper-1 
  • Paper-2 
Exam AuthorityUttar Pradesh Basic Education Board, UPBEB
Name of the ExamUPTET 2021
LevelPrimary & Upper Primary
CategoryEligibility Test
Job LevelState Level
Application ModeOnline
Exam LanguageEnglish & Hindi
Frequency ofOnce in a Year
Exam ModeOffline
Job LocationUttar Pradesh
Official Websitehttp://updeled.gov.in
UPTET Selection Process & Exam Pattern

UPTET Written Exam Pattern

Friends who do not know, I would like to tell you about the UPTET Written Exam mainly held in 2 parts, which is known as Paper-1 & Paper-2. I have explained in detail below about it.  

1. UPTET Paper-1 Exam Pattern

Friends, I would like to tell you about the UPTET Exam Pattern 2021 for the primary stage, Paper I for class I to class V. The duration of the exam is 150 minutes.  

UPTET 2021 SubjectNumber of QuestionsMarks
Child Development & Pedagogy3030
Language I (Hindi)3030
Language II (English/Urdu/Sanskrit)3030
Environmental Studies3030
UPTET Paper-1 Exam Pattern

2. UPTET Paper-2 Exam Pattern

Friends, who do not know, I would like to tell them that the UPTET 2021 Exam Pattern for Junior Level Teachers, Paper-II for Class VI to VIII Exam duration is 150 minutes.  

UPTET 2021 SubjectNo. of QuestionsMarks
Child Development & Pedagogy3030
Languages ​​I3030
Language II3030
Science & Math (OR) Social Science6060
UPTET Paper-1 Exam Pattern

Key Points:

  • Both the paper will be MCQ based UPTET exam
  • There are two different types of paper in the exam
  • Paper I for classes 1 to 5 and Paper II for classes 6 to 8
  • The paper will be of total 150 marks
  • Each question will be of 1 mark
  • There will be no negative marking in the marking scheme
  • Candidates scoring 60% in the exam will be considered eligible
  • The exam will be of total 150 minutes

UPTET Syllabus 2022 PDF in English & Hindi [Paper 1 + 2]

Friends, you can read the PDF of UPTET Syllabus in Hindi & English from here as well as download its PDF in Hindi & English.

1. UPTET Paper-1 Syllabus

Friends, you can know in full detail about the UPTET Paper-1 Syllabus from here as well as you can also download its PDF  

Child Development and PedagogyThe concept of development and its relation with learning
InclusiveConcepts of Classes
Understanding Children with Special Needs
I (Hindi) (Compulsory)Unread Paragraph
Hindi Alphabet (Vowels, Consonants)
Identification of Mathematical and Non-mathematical Words by Matching
of All Sounds of Hindi Information specially – the sounds of sh, s, b, v, dh, d, q, ch, n and na,
all sounds of Hindi language, the difference between letters and moonbindus,
words formed using nasal sounds.
all kinds ofQuantifications of
punctuation marks such as comma, semicolon, full stop, interrogative, exclamation, use of marks,
antonyms, synonyms, rhymes, incantations, similar sounds, words
, words, gender and tense
suffixes, prefixes, similar prepositions and natives, identification of words and Difference between
idioms and idioms
– (1) Swar Sandhi – Long Sandhi, Guna Sandhi, Growth Sandhi, Yan Sandhi, Aadi Sandhi, (2) Consonant Treaty (3)
Visarga Sandhi, the distinction of
poets and writers ofWorks
English Pedagogy:
Learning and Acquisition
of Language Teaching
PrinciplesRole: The Function of Language and How Children Use It as a Tool for
the Communication of Ideas Oral and Written Perspectives on the Role of Grammar in Learning a
Language Challenges of Teaching Language in a Different Classroom Language Difficulties Errors and Disorders
Language Skills
Evaluating Language Comprehension and Proficiency: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
Teaching – Learning Materials: Textbooks, Multimedia Materials, Multilingual Classroom Resources
Remedial Teaching
MathematicsAddition, Subtraction, Multiplication and
Division LCM and HCF
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimals Numbers
Unitary Method
Profit Loss
Simple Interest
Shapes and Prisms
Addition Subtraction
Units and Measurements
Perimeter of Triangles and Quadrilateral
Time and Distance
Mathematics Pedagogy:
Nature of Mathematics, Concepts and Action Strategies
Place of Mathematics in the Curriculum
Language of
Mathematics Teaching Problems
Remedial and Diagnosis of Mathematics Teaching
Environmental StudiesFamily
Food, Health and Hygiene
Flora and Fauna
Our Environment
Fair and Water
Local Business and Business
Transport and Communication
Sports and Sports Spirit
Continent or Ocean
Our State
Administrative Arrangement
Regional Administration
Village Panchayat
Nagar Panchayat
District Panchayat
Municipal Corporation
District Administration
Administrative System of the State: Managerial, Judicial, Executive,
National Festivals, Symbols, Voting System, National Integration
, and Utility
Environmental Protection
Duties of Society towards
Environment Planned Plans for Environmental Protection
EVS Teaching:
Concept of Environmental Studies and Scope
of Environmental Studies and Importance of Integrated Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies and Environmental Education
Learning Theory
Concept of Science or Social Science and their relation
Concept of Approaches in EVS
Project and Practical Work
Teaching Aids/Materials
EVS Problem in Teaching
UPTET Paper-1 Syllabus 

2. UPTET Paper-2 Syllabus

Friends, you can download the UPTET Paper-2 Syllabus from here You can know about us in full detail as well as download its PDF  

Child Development and PedagogyChild Development and Teaching Forms
Teaching and Methods of Teaching
Meaning and Principles of Learning
Inclusive Education – Guidance and Counseling
Studies And Teaching
I (Hindi) (Mandatory)Unread Paragraph, Difference between Noun and Noun, Difference between Pronoun and Pronoun, Difference between Adjective and Adjective, Difference between Verb and Verb, Vocabulary, Verb, Passive, Expression All sounds of Hindi language , ligatures, combined consonants, and difference between anusvar and moon point, alphabet, synonyms, antonyms, multiple meanings, synonyms, difference of adjectives, anusvara, use of nasal, use of different forms of “R”, sentence formation (simple, compound and Compound Sentences), Identification and use of punctuation marks, use of words, gender and tenses, identities, adverbs, indigenous and foreign words, prefixes and suffixes, word pairings, suffixes, distinctions of suffixes and suffixes, idioms and proverbs, verb transitive and intransitive, the distinction of treaty and treaty, (vowel, Consonant and Visarga Treaties), Alankar (Alliteration, Punctuation, Synthesis, simile, metaphor, metaphor, superlative)
Teaching of Language Development
II (English/Urdu/Sanskrit)Invisible Way, Noun and its types, Pronoun and its types, Verb and its types, adjective and its types and degree, adverb and its types, preposition and its types, conjunction and its types, interjection, singular and plural, subject and predicate, negative and interrogative sentences, masculine and feminine, punctuation, root Words with suffixes, phrasal verbs, use of none, none, none, part of speech, narration, active voice and passive voice, antonyms and synonyms, use of homophones, use of requests in sentences, silent letters in words.
MathematicsNumber System and Simplification
Percentage and Ratio
Linear Equations
SI and CI
Pie Chart
Time, Work, Speed ​​and Distance
Algebra and Mensuration
Profit Loss
Miscellaneous Arithmetic Questions
Pedagogy of Mathematics
Science, Anthropology and Technology, Fiber and Textiles, Living and non-living things, animal structure and function, microorganisms, human body, adulthood, food, health, hygiene, disease, agriculture, nutrition in animals, plants, daily things. Measurement, Electric current, Magnet, Motion and power, Energy, Computer, Sound, Light, Air, Water, Products, Environment, Acids, bases, Heat and temperature, Man-made things, Metals and non-metals, Carbon and its compounds, Energy Source
Science Pedagogy
Social StudiesHistory
Environmental Science
Home Science
Physical Education & Sports
Horticulture & Fruit Preservation
Social Studies Pedagogy

UPTET Syllabus 2022 FAQ

  1. Can we download UPTET Syllabus 2022 in English & Hindi [Paper 1 + 2] from here?

    Yes, of course, you can download the PDF of UPTET Syllabus Paper-1 & Paper-2 in Hindi & English from here.

  2. Is there negative marking in the UPTET exam?

    No, there is no negative marking in the UPTET exam.



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