UP TGT Syllabus 2022 PDF in English & Hindi

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UP TGT Syllabus PDF Important Table

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SubjectUP TGT
Institution NameUttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board
Exam NameUP TGT Recruitment
DesignationUP TGT
Job LocationUttar Pradesh
Official Websitehttp://www.upsessb.org/
UP TGT Syllabus PDF Important Table

Important Point:

  • Exam Mode: Offline Mode
  • Number of Questions: 125 Questions
  • Duration of Test: 02 Hours
  • Total Marks: 500 Marks (465 for Ad-hoc)
  • Question Type: Objective Type Questions
  • Marking Scheme: +4 Marks for Correct Answer (3.72 for Ad-hoc) Marks) 

UP TGT Syllabus 2022 PDF in English & Hindi

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  • Sanskrit
  •  Agriculture
  •  Sociology
  •  Home
  • Science
  •  Math
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Science
  • Business
  • Physical
  • Education
  • Zoology
  •  Hindi
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical
  • Education

1. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Hindi

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History of Hindi Literature – Early
(Saint Poetry, Sufi Poetry, Ramakavya, Krishna Poetry) Ritikal
Modern Era
Bharatendu Era
Dwivedi Era
Development of Hindi Prose Literature – Essay
Drama Novel
Short genres of Hindi prose -Biography,
, memoir, line picture
, poetry, Hindi’s creators and their compositions, the distinctions of poetry, the
, the dialects of Hindi, the dialects
script, the
developmental features
correction of errorsEfforts
Gender Word
Sandhi Sabhas
Word Form-Synonyms
A word phrase for
Sanskrit Literature: (a) The main authors of Sanskrit and their compositions, Kalidas, Bhavabhuti, Garavi, Magha, Dandi, Sriharsha. (b) Sandhi-vowel and consonant treaty, consonant, word form, dhatu form factor usage. (c) Translation
UP TGT Hindi Syllabus 2022

2. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Math

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Commerce/Math – Working Time and Moving Time,
Compound Interest,
Flow Illustrated Basic Rules.
Statistics-Frequency buttons,
Graphical representation of statistics data, Measures of
central tendency,
Measures of deflection,
Birth/death statistics, Index
algebra – arithmetic,
Polynomials and their factors,
equations of two unknown quantities,
Greatest common factor and Least common multiples of polynomials Simultaneous equations of an exponential three unknown quantities,
factors of quadratic polynomials,
quadratic equations,
ratios and proportions,
number system, set operations,
Determinant – Definition,
Deterministic and Co
Extension of Citizen of 3×3 Order General Properties of Determinants Solution of System of n Linear Equations (n=3) with the help of Uymer’s Law,
Up to 3×3 Order product of sum of matrices, transformation of
matrix symmetric and skew symmetric matrix, inverse of matrix, solution of simultaneous equation of three unknown quantities,
equation theory,
symmetrical functions of roots,
, and squares of natural numbers and the sum of the series formed by the terms of the cubes.
Permutation and accumulation,
binomial theorem,
exponential and logarithmic series sum.
Probability-theory of addition and multiplication.
Set theory – Laws of set algebra,
combination of mappings, inverse mapping,
Peano’s axioms and use of inductive axioms.
Partial groups and group homomorphisms,
subgroups generated by subsets,
cyclic groups,
order of an element,
subgroups of cyclic groups,
coset disjunction,
Lagrangian theorem.
Real analysis – axioms of real numbers,
countability of sets, distance space,
open sets,
closed sets,
derived sets, dense sets, perfect sets, and other general theorems including Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem.
Sequence of real numbers – Limits of sequences,
Official sequences
of convergent sequences, Koschi sequences, Koschi’s
Koschi’s theory on convergence of real sequences and Limits
of functions with continuum real values ,
Left side and South side limits,
Continuity of
functions, Characteristics of continuous functions,
Continuity and its types.
Trigonometry – Circular measurements and trigonometric ratios of specific angles
, sum and difference of two angles and trigonometric ratios of refracting and reflecting angles of an angle,
trigonometric identities,
trigonometric equations,
solutions of triangles,
perimeters and radiuses of external circles,
General properties of inverse financial functions.
Complex numbers – their sum and product.
Dimiver’s theorem and its use for height and distance.
Exponential functions,
circular functions and hyphae of complex quantities.
Bolik Function – Separation into real and imaginary parts.
Geometry-Bodhayan Pythagoras theorem and its extension,
circle and segment,
arc of a circle and chord tangent to circle,
alternate segment of circle and its angles,
segment of chord and rectangle formed from them,
symmetry of linear plane figures.
Coordinate geometry – Cartesian plane,
straight line pair represented by a general homogeneous equation of second degree.
The equation of the pair of angles and parabolas between them
, standard equations and parabola equations of conic (circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola) in right angular Cartesian coordinates, to represent
by quadratic general equation
parabola ellipse and hyperbola ellipse
the help of transpose of the origin and axes,
Obtaining the equations
the intersection of the tangent and normal-intersecting line at any point of the conic with the conic,
the limit position, the condition of its being tangent,
Parametric equations of tangents, pair of tangents to the conic from the flow point.
Equation of the normal at any point of the conic – the restriction of touching or being
instantiated, standard equation of conic in polar coordinates (two
, three-dimensional geometry of sphere, cone and cylinder.
Calculus – Differential – Definition
Trigonometric, Exponential
and Logarithmic Functions,
and Normals, Tracing of Maximum and Minimal Simple Curves of a Function of a Variable Quantity.
Integration – Integration by division and substitution, Integration with
the help of partial fractions,
Fixed Integration and its uses to find the area under planar curves, Cylinder, Equation in finding the differential and surface of conic sphere, degree and degree of differential equation.
In examples of straight linear simple motion under gravity, solving the equations as (i) dyl dr = f(x) (ii) ty/ dr = f(x) (iii) py)(3)/dx2 = f (x) )
Vector analysis – vectors located as successive pairs and successive triples,
displacement vector free vector,
unit vector,
modulus and dicozya,
equal vector,
combination of sum of vectors (force, velocity, acceleration).
Inter-relative velocity of
two vectors, scalar and vector multiplication of two vectors.
of work,
torque and torque.
Triplication of vectors.
Situation Ology – Balance of bodies with three forces,
Lami’s theorem,
Trigonometry theorem of triangle, and planning in two right angled forces.
The general condition of equilibrium is the center of gravity.
Kinetics – Motion in vertical plane under gravity, speed,
capacity of projectile calculated in MKS system.
UP TGT Math Syllabus 2022

3. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Home Science

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Home Science
Diet and Nutrition – Concept of Nutrition,
Structure and Function of Diet,
Balanced Diet,
Classification of Diet and their Source,
Deficiency Diseases,
Diet Preparation,
Food Preservation and Adulteration,
Various Diseases like- Fever, Typhoid, Diet for patients of ulcer, honey, kidney, and heart disease.
Structure of the human body,
food rearing,
absorption and metabolism,
general chemistry
management – ​​meaning and definition of home management,
family resources,
family budgeting,
management of time, energy and money,
decision making,
goal values ​​and patterns,
family needs,
work Simplification savings, and interior and exterior decoration,
home and family equipment. Meaning and definitions
of health, health and hygiene of the individual,
government and non-governmental organizations working in the field of
health, importance of environment for health,
environmental pollution,
water and air borne diseases as health outbreaks,
primary health care Theory,
common family accidents, their diagnosis, the use of different types of bandages.
Child development – growth and development of
children, death and illness of children, school health, marriage and family.
Textiles and Stitched Fabrics Textiles,
Classification of fibers and their chemistry,
decoration of
garments, Dyeing and washing of clothes, Selection of washes for different occasions and different seasons, its manufacture.
Extension education – meaning, definition, history, subject area, various branches of home science and their interrelationship, need of extension teacher, subject area and philosophy, various methods of dissemination, community development.
UP TGT Home Science Syllabus 2022

4. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Urdu

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Urdu language ki
Dabistan of Delhi and Lucknow, Irtiqa of
Urdu poetry,
Urdu Asnafe Najm-o Nastra (Novel, Dastan, Afsana, Drama, Ghazal, Qaseeda, Mansanvi, Najg Garsima) Progressive Gasand Tehreek (Ibtiva and Irtika),
Gashhoor Books-Bagh-o Bahar,
Fasane Ajaib,
Fasane Azgad,
Sherul, Ajag,
Hazari Shamhari Mashoor Musannifeen and Shmdur-Mir Amman, Rajab Ali Bem Suroor Sir Sayyid Abul Kalam Azad, Maulana Muhammad Hussain Azad, Mir, Malib, Mobim, Iqbal, Chakvast, Akbar Allahabadi, Firaq, Faiz, Qabaid Jamana (Mazi, Hal, Mustakarbil), Tajkir-o-Tanis, Jama Wahid, Tashbeeh, Isteira, Tajnis , Ism, Sifat Jamir, Fail, Huntaleen, Tajad, Laf-o-nayer Idioms and proverbs, famous poets of Jadeed era and Adeeb, Akhbarat, Risale, Afsananigar, Mavelnimar.
UP TGT Urdu Syllabus 2022

5. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 English

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Unseen Passage for Comprehension.
Part of speech,
Preposition Usage,
Transformation and Agreement.
Forms of literature Authors and their work-Shakespeare, John Miltion, William Wordswarh and John Glaswarthy.
UP TGT English Syllabus 2022

6. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Arts

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Prehistoric art centers of India like Mirzapur, Bhimbetka, Saigarh, Banda, Pachmarhi, Hoshangabad etc. Indus Valley, Art of Civilization (Harappa and Mohenjodaro)
Six points of Indian painting: Jogimara, Ajanta, Bagh, Badami, Ellora, Sittanvasal etc.
Indian Miniature Painting (Jain, Pal, Apabhramsa) Rajasthani Style (Budhi, Kota, Kishangarh, Jaipur etc.) Mughal Style (Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb) Pahari Style (Kangra, Basauli, etc.) Bengal Style and its artists like Abanindranath Thakur, Nandlal Bose, Asit Kumar Haldar, D.P. Roy Choudhury, Kshitindra Nath Majumdar, etc. Contemporary painting and its main artists, such as Raja Ravi Varma, Rabindranath Thakur, Gaganendra Nath Thakur, Yamini Rai, Amrita Shergill, N.S.Bende, K.K. Hebbar, K.S. Kulkarni, M. F. Hussain K. H. Ara etc.
Elements of art like line,
shape, tone,
vessel spacing,
principles of picture composition such as cooperation,
harmony, balance,
perspective and its importance in painting
UP TGT Arts Syllabus 2022

7. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Social Science

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Geography Syllabus
Physical Geography-Solar System-Origin, Shape and Motions of Earth in Solar System
, Effects of Earth’s Motions,
Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse,
Representation of Latitude Longitude,
Determination of Location of a Place on the Globe, Determination of
Local and Authentic Time,
International date line-tracing and importance.
Lithosphere – Rocks,
Origin and types,
Volcanic action/volcano types and world distribution,
Earthquake origins and world distribution, Distribution of
continents and oceans,
Mountains and their types,
Major plateaus of the world and their types,
Plains and river valleys ,
Erosion and Weathering Processes,
Davis’ Erosion Cycle,
Process of River Valley,
Major landforms formed at different stages by water erosion,
Contour lines and identification of major landforms by contour lines.
Atmosphere – Composition of the atmosphere,
insolation and factors influencing it,
horizontal and vertical distribution of temperature,
temperature inversion, air pressure
belts and eternal wind,
important local wind,
process of precipitation – precipitation,
frost fog etc. Convectional,
surface and cyclonic rainfall ,
Climate regions of the world,
Identification of signs used in daily weather maps.
Hydrogen – the oscillations of oceans,
ocean temperature and salinity,
ocean currents, origin, flow direction and climatic effects,
tidal processes and principles of origin.
Biosphere structure,
types of vegetation and world distribution and related wild animal parts.
Human Geography-Human Environment Interrelationship,
Davies, Semple, Huntington, Vidal de la Blache, Bruce and Niffish Taylor’s opinion, Discussion
of population growth and distribution in the world,
Human species,
Major human species of the world Caucasus,
Mongoloid Characteristic distinction and distribution,
relation to the world’s primitive races and their
respective habitats, with special reference to the Bashman Eskim, Khirjij, Masai, Semang.
Human settlement – nature of rural settlement in major natural regions and relation to environment,
world’s major big city location and importance.
Geography- Geographical description of major crops of the world Rice, wheat, cotton, sugarcane, sugar beet, tea, coffee and rubber,
forestry and milk production in the world,
major energy and mineral resources-coal,
iron ore, manganese bauxite, and and the factors of location and distribution of major industries in the world Iron steel,
cotton and synthetic textiles,
refining major industrial regions,
North Eastern United States Kinki,
Rur Ukraine, Canton, Shanghai Yegyang, Brazil Plateau Cape Town-Natal, World Major trading routes and ports of
India’s location – extent,
international boundaries and its related land problems,
Indian Ocean and its economic and strategic importance, landform,
origin and characteristics of monsoon,
climate region, soils and their interrelationship with climate and natural vegetation, deforestation,
floods and soilsErosion problems and their solutions.
Agricultural-food production,
progress and problems Green,
white and blueberries,
major crops Rice, wheat, sugarcane, pulses, oilseeds, tea’s geographical distribution and production trend Mineral resources and problems related to their exploitation Energy crisis and its solution Coal and mineral oil Geographical mass and production of
energy, alternative sources of energy,
multipurpose plans and environmental problems associated with them, commodity manufacturing industry, iron, steel, textile, sugar, paper, cement and aluminum industries, location and distribution pattern,
population growth and description, population generated problem Means of Transport Foreign Trade, Major Towns and Ports

History Syllabus: Political Theory Political Science, Definition, Nature, Subject Area and State Definition Forming Elements, Different Theories of Origin of State, Political Concepts Sovereignty, Principles of Law and Punishment, Freedom, Equality Rights, Citizenship, Democracy and Authoritarian System. Politicalism, Individualism, Liberalism, Fascism, and Scientific Socialism. Political Philosophers – Plato, Aristotle, Hawkes Locke and Rousseau, Bentham and J.A. Mill. Karl Marx, Manu, Kautilya and Gandhi. Governance and Political, Constitution in Indian Context, Definition and Classification, Types of Government, Parliamentary and Spiritual, Unitary and Federal, Organs of Sanskar Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, Electoral System, Election Commission, Election Reforms, Political Parties and Voting Practices, Indian Political System Gokhale, Tilak, Gandhi, Nehru, Subhash, Jinnah, and Dr. BR Ambedkar’s contribution to the National Movement, Indian Constitution, Main features/Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy, Union Government President, Council of Ministers, Parliament and Supreme Court Judicial Activism State Government, Governor, Chief Minister Centre, State Relations, District Administration, District Magistrate, Democratic Decentralization and Panchayati Raj, Democracy of Indian Democracy, Casteism, Regionalism and Communalism in Indian Politics, Political parties, Problem of national integration, Political Parties and Pressure Groups Indian Administration Bureaucracy Ambudesman Lokpal and Lokayukta India and United Nations Union. questions have to be solved

8. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Sanskrit

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verse and drama –
based on the prescribed numbers of texts, semantics,
hymns, grammatical remarks of words,
only), Shivaraja Vijayam, (first breath), Kiratarjuniyam (first Canto) Meghadootam (whole), Nitishatakam (whole), Abhijnana Shakuntalam (fourth number) and Uttara Rama Charitam (third number).
Dr. Ram Babu Saxena’s “Sanskrit Grammar Praveshika” – Introduction of Treaty,
Karak and Pratyahara, Akrant,
feminine and neuter gender, form of words
Yushmad Idam,
Knowledge of Sanskrit words of numbers from one to hundred as pronouns
, Pa, Laga, Han, Duh, Da, Bhi, Div, Jani, Tud, Ratha, Prachha, Bu and Chur metals Forms of Lad, Lod, Lat, Laddha and Vidhilinga.
of Sanskrit
subhashitas and hymns, sentence change and impurity correction.
General introduction to the teaching methods of grammar, translation, verse etc. from the point of view of didactic Sanskrit training.
UP TGT Sanskrit Syllabus 2022

9. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Commerce

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Accounts Statistics and Auditing- Meaning and Methods of Accounts-Bookkeeping,
Dual Accounting System,
Ledger and Trial Balance,
Preparation of Final Accounts with Adjustment Entries,
Accounts, Company Accounts,
Issue and Forfeiture of Shares and Accounts of Business Institutions Authorization Fee,
Accounts Rental Purchase and Division Purchase Accounts Statistical Mean Meaning of Computational Scope,
Importance and Limitations Collection of Data Classification and Tabulation Tabular Distortion,
Audit Definition Purpose,
Types of Certification Books of Preliminary Accounts Certification of.
Business organization and management Relationship of business and civilization,
Meaning and scope of business organization,
Environmental pollution and industry
, Functions of business office,
Nature of business organization,
Advertising and sales,
Art of domestic trade and foreign trade,
Management ofNature and importance,
different ideologies of management, managerial functions,
planning, staffing, motivation,
coordination and control.
Economics, Money, Banking and Indian Economy Definition and scope of economics, Consumption Marginal and Total Utility,
Laws by Marginal Utility, Demand and Elasticity of Demand Means of Production,
, Theory of Population,
Types of Exchange-Market,
Perfect Competition and pricing under monopoly.
Distribution Theory of Distribution Marginal Productivity Theory,
Definition of Money,
Area and Function,
Importance of Money in Capitalism and Socialist Economy Gresham’s Law Theory of Consequences of
Money, Change in the Value of Money,
Functions and Types of Banking
, Principles of Commercial Bank Reserves Functions of Bank of India,
Indian Economy,
Indian Economy Population problem,
Agriculture problem,
Foreign trade related problem.
UP TGT Commerce Syllabus 2022

10. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Physics

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Physics Syllabus
Dimensions and Measurements – Basic Quantitative Derived Quantities in SI Method, Conversion
of Units from One System to Distance System,
Verification of Equations by Dimensional Method, Scalar and Vector Quantities.
Relativistic Motion,
Newton’s Theory of Relativistic Motion Displacement,
and Velocity,
Linear Motion,
Angular Momentum and their Relationship,
Simple Linear Motion Continuous and Discrete
Motions, Theory of Jamativity,
Force Acceleration,
Equation of Motion,
Potential and Kinetic Energy Linear momentum and angular momentum,
Coherence of energy and momentum, Variation of
potential and kinetic energy over a distance,
Gravitational and inertial mass,
Newton’s laws of motion
Rotational motion,
Combination of
Centripetal and non-central force,
Coriales Force Newton’s law of gravity,
Kegler’s law,
speed of
satellite motion
height, depth,
surface and velocity Simple harmonic motion and their characteristic features,
simple pendulum,
Conserved and
, state of weightlessness with acceleration and without acceleration.
The resolution of heat-heat and temperature, Gap of temperature
conversion from one scale to another, Absolute
temperature gap,
Thermal ductility,
Progress in solids,
external and cuboid and their relation to straight line flow,
Hydrodynamic solids,
Heat speed
Equilibrium Such as temperature gradients,
good and bad conductors,
convection of heat, convective
emissivity, and atmospheric diffusion,
radiation of heat,
Kirchhoff’s law,
Bean’s law of displacement,
Plaque regulation of radiation from a black body ,
Radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves,
wave and energy density Newton’s law of cooling Radiation modulation,
Stephen’s law,
heat strength,
water temperature
of heat, specific heat of solids, liquids and gases,
Meyer’s relation of a diatomic,
diatomic and triatomic The ratio of specific heat to gases, measurement of heat,
change of state,
hygrometer, mechanical equivalent of heat,
first law of thermodynamics.
photo-molecular mirrors and lenses,
reflection of image,
human eye,
, far and near vision,
minimum distance of clear vision,
interference, diffraction and polarization.
Electrical cell,
primary and secondary cell.
Internal resistance, electro-carrying force, electronic and conduction currents,
mean path,
relaxation time,
Ohm’s law.
Resistance in series and parallel order,
measurement of current and potential difference,
change of ganometer into ammeter and yostmeter,
measurement of resistance,
Dahid stone bridge, post office chams meter bridge, difference between
AC and DC currents, transformer choke meter and generator.
Modern Physics- Structure of
Atom, Vector Model of Atom,
Bohr’s Hydrogen Atomic Theory,
Basic Concept of Atomic Energy,
of Rays
Basic Concept of Manager.
UP TGT Physics Syllabus 2022

11. UP TGT Syllabus 2022 Chemistry

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Chemistry Syllabus
Matter – Nature and Behavior Types of Matter,
Elements and their Classification (Metals and Non-metals) Compounds and their Mixtures.
Laws of Chemical Combination – Law of constant,
refractive and inverse ratio,
Gallusack’s law of gaseous volume,
Miserlik’s law of isomorphism.
Structure of matter – Dalton’s atomic theory, atoms,
molecules and their characteristics.
Atomic Structure – Discovery of electron, proton and neutron.
Rutherford’s alpha ray scattering experiment and the discovery of the nucleus.
Atomic models of Rutherford, Bohr and Summerfield.
Quantum numbers,
modern atomic theory.
Debragli equation,
Huisgen’s class-definiteness principle, sp and d orbitals, Aufwau principle, Hund’s law and Pauli’s exclusion principle.
Radioactivity – Discovery of radioactivity,
radioactive rays and their properties, half-life and average age, laws of radioactive decay, nuclear fission and fusion, artificial radioactivity.
isotopic, co-ordinated and synchronic.
Chemical bonding – Basic concept of valency, electronic theory, octet rule, exceptions to octet rule, electrovalent, covalent and sub covalent bonds
, characteristics of ionic covalent and sub covalent compounds. Polarization and Fajan’s law.
The valence bond theory of inert pair effect co-valency (for hydrogen molecule) hybridization and S.P.S.P. 2 and S. P. Shape of 3 hybrid orbitals.
Chemical Reactions – Sign/Symbol Ions and Formulas. Presentation of chemical reactions by chemical equations.
Physical and chemical changes and their differences.
Types of chemical reactions – displacement, addition, dissociation, decomposition, double decomposition, slow rapid. exothermic. Metabolism and catalyzed reactions.
Electrochemical cell-voltaic cell and its mechanism of action.
Dry cell, lead storage battery, reversible cell, electrode potential, Nurst equation and its applications.
Periodic Classification of Elements- Mendeleev’s Periodic Classification and its basis, Properties and Defects of Mandeleev Periodic Table, Variation of Periodic Table and its Important Characteristics, Periodic Properties of Elements (Atomic and Ionic Radii, Ionization Potential, Electron Affinity and Electronegative) Classes and change of periodic properties in periods. s. and P. General properties of block elements.of the properties of first row transition elements (elements of 3D block) with reference to their electronic configuration,
oxidation state,
color magnetic properties and formation of complex compounds.
General organic chemistry- inductive, electromeric and mesomeric effects.
Hyperconjugation, resonance, and their applications, electron affinity and nucleic neutral reagents, free radicals, carbocations and coanions.
Hydrogen supply and its effects.
Classification and nomenclature of organic compounds.
Isomerism-structural and stereoscopic isomerism, determination
of mechanism of organic reactions.
Mechanism of simple substitution, addition and removal reactions.
Methods of preparation of the following organic compounds and their properties- alkene, alkene, alkene, alkylhalide, ketone, acid and their derivative benzene, its construction, properties and structure.
UP TGT Chemistry Syllabus 2022

UP TGTUP TGT Syllabus 2022 PDF in English & Hindi

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UP TGT 2022 Syllabus PDF in Hindi & English

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