Indium Software Selenium Interview Questions


Indium Software Interview Questions

The main piece of getting ready for a meeting is practice. Realizing what prospective employee meeting questions you may be asked is fundamental – like that, you can create your responses well ahead of time, and feel sure about your reactions when the strain is on.

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary on the off chance that you knew precisely what inquiries questions are requested the Test Engineer, QA for Manual and Automation Positions, We can’t understand minds, tragically, however we’ll give you the following best thing: a rundown of recently asked Indium Software interview inquiries and replies.

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About Indium Software

We are a Technology Solutions company with deep expertise in Digital and QA services.

With its global presence serving customers ranging from innovative product start-ups, Fortune 100 and Global Enterprises, Indium’s key differentiators are its specializations.

Indium Software received accreditation of ISO 27001:2013 certification, (Global best practice specification of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)). This certification is applicable to Information Security Management pertaining to Development & Testing services across Digital and QA.

Indium Software Selenium Interview Questions
Indium Software Selenium Interview Questions

Indium Software Selenium Interview Questions

In SQL, how do you explain the differences between clustered and non-clustered indexes? Can you name a time that you used each?

How to Answer: Indium Software (India) uses indexes to improve query performances within their software and for this question, your interviewer is looking to hear that you have a basic understanding of both clustered and non-clustered indexes. Explain the differences between the two types of indexes and be sure you can either speak to relevant times that you’ve used each or when would be the appropriate application to use each.

What SDLC models are you familiar with working with?

How to Answer: As a software engineer, you are very familiar with the software development life cycle. For this question, your interviewer is looking to hear what models you have worked on in the past. While there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer to this question, try to show your flexibility to working with different SDLC models by bringing up your past experiences. Then, show you have knowledge of different models like the waterfall model or agile model. It is also a good idea to use this question as an opportunity for you to learn more about Indium Software (India) by asking your interviewer which model they work off of.

In your mind, when is monkey testing the most effective in testing new software?

How to Answer: By utilizing random inputs to check the behavior of a program, monkey testing has its time and place in the software testing process. For this question, your interviewer is looking to hear that you have an understanding of the theory behind monkey testing and how you would look to put it to work at Indium Software (India) to test their products.

Give an example of a time that you used a universal design practice in your work as a UI or UX designer. Why was it important to do this?

How to Answer: In the technology, software and mobile app fields today, accessibility is a huge topic. As a designer with Indium Software (India), you will be expected to help create products that are as accessible as possible to as many end users as possible. In this two part question, talk about why you feel that universal design is important in the work that you will be doing with Indium Software (India) and then really sell your ability to do this by giving an example of a time you used a universal design in your previous work.

In your experience in software testing, would you consider yourself proficient in both testing and debugging processes?

How to Answer: As a reputable provider of software, Indium Software (India) relies on their software testing engineers to both test and debug their products when necessary. Make your interviewer aware that you are knowledgeable on both processes by briefly explaining each process as you’ve worked on them in the past. Then, talk about your openness to working both testing and debugging processes if hired for this position.

We seek to hire highly ambitious people. Where would you like your career with Indium Software (India) take you?

How to Answer: Have you researched Indium Software (India) enough to know how their internal hierarchy works? Do they have a variety of departments and management levels, offering you choices when it comes to carving out your career path? Talk to the interviewer about your career ambitions specifically related to this role and their organization.

In Java, why shouldn’t you use strings to store a password?

How to Answer: While this may seem like a rudimentary question regarding your knowledge of Java, your interviewer is looking to ideally hear that you understand the principle differences between string and character arrays. Asking about the storage of passwords within a system gives you the opportunity here to point out the differences between the two. In the end, while explaining the differences, be sure to tie it back to the original question on why strings shouldn’t be used to store passwords.

At Indium Software (India), we rely on a full team effort to deliver top quality products to our customers. Tell me about a time that you worked well as part of a team. Are you comfortable in a similar role here?

How to Answer: While this potential role with Indium Software (India) will require your to be an independent worker that can think on your feet, you will also need to work as part of a larger team that is working toward one common goal. Because of this fact, your interviewer will want to hear that you thrive in an environment where you work with team members from other disciplines than you are trained in. In your example, stress to your interviewer that you have excellent communication skills and that you fully understand that every person on a team plays a vital role in the organization’s success.

How do you stay organized and on track when working on multiple projects or duties at the same time?

How to Answer: In this role with Indium Software (India), you will likely be expected to manage multiple projects at the same time. Your ability to plan, manage deadlines and handle high needs items that come up on a regular basis will be essential to your success in this role and your interviewer is looking to hear how you plan for success. Whether you utilize an electronic tool or a written list, there are no right or wrong answers as long as you can prove in your answer that this method works out great for you.

What software analysis and design tools do you have familiarity working with?

How to Answer: As a software engineer for Indium Software (India), your interviewer wants to hear that you have experience in utilizing tools that you make you more proficient in your work. Dig back on your past experiences and talk openly about your experiences with the different analysis and design tools that are available to help you be better in the work that you do. In the end, make sure that your interviewer understands that you are proficient in the use of these tools and open to learning and using new tools as well.

Talk about a time when things didn’t go as planned on the job. What was the situation and what allowed your to persevere in that situation?

How to Answer: As a professional in the tech industry, you have likely had a project that failed, a promotion that passed you over or a meltdown occur at some point in time. Realizing that your interviewer fully understands and expects that failure happens, talk openly and honestly about a situation where you experienced failure or failed plans. Most importantly in your answer, focus on how you overcame the particular situation and discuss lessons that you learned moving forward that you can bring to this role at Indium Software (India).

What do you consider to be a good litmus test for when you would automate a test process for a new system versus testing manually?

How to Answer: As your role with Indium Software (India) will look to help further their automate testing processes for new systems, you will need to have a good sense for when automation makes sense and when it does not. Reiterate your sense for this to your interviewer by sticking to the high level response that repetitive tasks, as are common with large software companies, are prime candidates for automation whereas one time test cases are not.

Talk about your previous user interface design experience in detail. Why do you feel that this experience will translate well to this role with Indium Software (India)?

How to Answer: While your interviewer can get a good sense of your experience from your resume, they are looking for you to talk in details about your experiences in UI design in your previous work. While explaining your previous experience, be sure to highlight the skills that you developed that will help you be successful in designing new products with Indium Software (India). Prior to your interview, be sure you research and are family with the products that Indium Software (India) puts out.

Here at Indium Software (India), we ask our test engineers to follow specific QA protocols. What role do you feel QA plays in software development and testing?

How to Answer: As an experience software testing engineer, quality assurance should be ingrained in your brain and your interviewer is looking to get a sense of your personal feelings towards it in your work with this question. In your answer, be sure to highlight QA’s importance in reducing errors, maintaining specifications, testing failure parameters and preventing defects from occurring. In the end, make sure that quality is your mantra in the eyes of your interviewer by giving an example or two of how you put QA in the forefront of your work.

How would you handle a situation where a colleague was being very difficult to work with?

How to Answer: In the team based atmosphere at Indium Software (India), departments with different skills and backgrounds can often see things from different points of view and these situations can cause some internal conflict between coworkers. With this question, your interviewer is looking to hear how you handle situations where you are working with someone that can be seen as difficult. To give them the sense that you are able to work through conflict in a professional and sensible manner, try to talk through how you handled a conflict at work previously in the past and highlight the interpersonal skills that you used to help make it a positive situation.

Would you say that you are a goal oriented on the job? What would I be able to do as your manager to help you achieve your goals if hired here at Indium Software (India)?

How to Answer: At the heart of this question lies your interviewers desire to see what motivates you as a potential employee at Indium Software (India). Make it clear to your interviewer that you certainly are motivated by on the job goals and do this by using an example of a time where you were motivated by and achieved a goal. Then, think deeply about the type of manager that you like to work for in terms of goal setting and helping our achieve your goals. Let your interviewer know what type of management styles you appreciate the most while being open to any style.

In your current work, what are the important steps you take in the data validation process?

How to Answer: Depending on your training and your past roles prior to interviewing at Indium Software (India), you may be familiar with one or two of the many trains of though regarding the steps of a data validation. Whatever formal process you are familiar with, be sure to check the boxes of discussing data screening and data verification as part of your process. Your interviewer will be looking to hear that you check those boxes as they are imperative in the software field.

Do you consider yourself stronger in C++, C#, Java, or Python?

How to Answer: Before your interview, do some research to understand what tech stack Indium Software (India) uses so you can best prepare and highlight your expertise. If you aren’t as strong in one of the skills you feel is necessary, be sure to explain how you’ve used it and how you are growing your knowledge to become better. Be sure to be honest in your answer, as the company will likely test your strengths.

What is one unique personality trait you possess that would help you be successful in this role with Indium Software (India)?

How to Answer: This question is allowing you to have the floor during your interview to wow your interviewer with something they might not know about you yet from your resume or time so far during the interview. Think about a strong, unique trait that you have that has led to prior success in your field and explain in detail how this will help further you in your career with Indium Software (India). If possible, be very unique in your answer to draw a direct line between your personality and success in this role.

How to Answer: With technology constantly changing, employers want to know that they are hiring people who are committed to learning and growing. Be sure to explain to your prospective employer how you stay up-to-date and how you’re committed to growing your knowledge as your industry grows. They want to know that they’re investing in someone who is also investing in themselves.

If you were asked to review a colleague’s code that they had written, what key things would you look for?

How to Answer: For this question, your interviewer will obviously be looking to hear that you have adequate knowledge when it comes to coding processes. But most importantly, your interviewer will be looking to gauge your ability to be a team player and focus on the bigger picture when working on a project. In your answer, focus on your attention to detail and your ability to help others when needed.

If hired here at Indium Software (India), what do you feel would be the biggest hurdle for you to overcome from the start?

How to Answer: The key to answering this question with confidence starts with understanding that you are interviewing with Indium Software (India) because your interviewer feels that you are a strong candidate for this position. What your interviewer is focusing on with this question is how they could be of most help to you if hired for the job. So, take the time prior to your interview to think about an aspect of the position that would be the most difficult for you to overcome to be up and running at full speed and then take time to explain how you would plan to overcome that hurdle if hired. This structured answer will tell your interviewer that you have put thought to your potential shortcoming with a plan of action.

What programming languages would you consider yourself fluent in?

How to Answer: While this question gives your interviewer insight into the diversity of your programming language experience, they most importantly want to know that you are adaptable and able to learn on the fly if needed. Talk about the different languages that you consider yourself fluent in and, if possible, do as much research into Indium Software (India) as you can prior to your interview and try to speak to the specific languages that they work with.

What experience do you have in the different types of software maintenance?

How to Answer: As a reputable company, Indium Software (India) takes their software maintenance processes seriously and your interviewer is looking to hear that you are familiar with the four different types of software maintenance. Talk to your interviewer about any work you have done in the past with corrective, adaptive, perfective and/or preventative software maintenance. Use specific examples and make sure that your interviewer walks away from your conversation knowing that you understand the importance of proper system maintenance.

We are looking for innovators to join us here at Indium Software (India). Where have you brought innovation in automation to a process in your career?

How to Answer: Innovation in software has occurred in many phases over the last 20 years and Indium Software (India) is always striving to be on the forefront of innovation in their field. For this question, think back on your automation experience and talk about a concept that you helped create that you felt was innovative. Really sell your interviewer on your ability to think outside of the box with this question by hammering home the idea that you can help bring new innovations to the team at Indium Software (India).

When do you consider a project to be finished?

How to Answer: When answering this question, be sure to understand what the employer is truly asking. They are looking to see where you think the project ends, whether that is when it’s completed and all testing is done, or whether you think projects are ongoing and require constant work. It can be a trick question as many companies believe a project is never truly finished. Be sure to give an explanation with your answer to back up your belief.

What do you feel are the primary features and benefits of the Java programming language?

How to Answer: As a company that utilizes Java, Indium Software (India) and your interviewer want to make sure that you have an understanding of the Java programming language and they do so by asking this question. Obviously a language packed with unique features, talk about the features that you can speak the most knowledgeably about and tie your direct experience to.

Indium Software FAQ

  1. How to get Indium Software Interview Questions?

    You can get recently and frequently asked Indium Software Interview Questions on Interview Questions Survey

  2. How many rounds are in indium software?

    The interview process consists of four rounds just like any other company. We are here going to share each and every round in detail so that you can prepare accordingly.

  3. Is indium a good company?

    Very good management. Very good platform to learn new technology and help the career growth.

  4. What does indium software do?

    Indium Software is a leading provider of Digital Engineering solutions with deep expertise in Application Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Digital Assurance and Gaming.

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