Indian Army Syllabus 2022 PDF in English & Hindi

In this post we will discuss about Indian Army Syllabus 2022 PDF in English & Hindi in detail and all the download resources are available at interviewquestionssurvey. Books, PDF and all other study materials can be downloaded from here in Hindi or English.

Indian army GD Clerk syllabus 2022 PDF

Friends, before knowing the syllabus of any exam, we should know the pattern of that exam very well so that we can understand where most of the questions come in that exam and we should prepare. Which topic should be given more attention at the time so that we can get maximum number in the exam, that too in a smart way without much effort.

1. Indian army clerk exam pattern

Friends Indian army clerk, I have made a chart by seeing which you will easily understand the pattern of this exam.

SubjectQuestionsMarksPassing marksTotal passing marks
Part – 1
General knowledge5203280
General Science5203280
Part – 1
General English2510032
Indian army clerk exam pattern

2. Indian army clerk exam syllabus PDF

Army Clerk syllabus usually comes divided into 2 parts, under which in the first part there are 4 subjects, General Knowledge, General Science, Math’s, Computer Science, from here the question of 100 marks comes.

And under the second part, 1 subject comes General English and from here comes the question of full 100 marks.

To understand it better, you should understand the chart given below by looking at it once.

General knowledgeGeneral ScienceMath’sComputerEnglish
AbbreviationsHuman BodyArithmeticComputer System :COMPREHENSION
SportsIO/Numeral AbilityAlgebraConcept of MemoryGRAMMAR
Awards & PrizesMensurationInput / Output DevicesParts of Speech
HistoryArea and VolumeMS –Windows :Verbs
GeographyTrigonometryIntroduction to Windows :Tenses
TerminologyHeights and DistancesMS WordSentence Structure
UNOGeometryMS Power PointType of Sentences
Lines and AnglesMS ExcelOther Areas
Indian army clerk exam syllabus

Indian army GD syllabus 2022 PDF

Friends As you must know about any exam Before knowing the syllabus of that exam, we should understand the pattern of that exam so that it can be understood from where most of the questions come in that exam and on which subjects we should pay more attention while preparing so that we can get more in the exam. Get more numbers by doing smart work, without doing much hard work.

1. Indian Army GD exam pattern

Friends, to understand the exam pattern of Indian Army GD, I have given a chart below, which you can see and understand the entire pattern of Army GD and take your preparation in the right direction.

SubjectQuestionsMarksPass MarksRemarks
General Knowledge1530NCC ‘C’ Cert holders are exempted
General Science204032
Indian army GD exam pattern

2. Indian army GD exam syllabus PDF

There are full 3 subjects inside, that subject is something like this, General Knowledge, General Science, Math’s, 100 number questions are asked from these entire chapters, and you have to bring only 32 numbers to pass this exam or Then if you have C certificate of NCC, then your exam is not taken, you get the job of Army GD in the same way.

Friends, if you are working from 18-19 years of age, then I will give you a suggestion that you take admission from any NCC college and do NCC so that you will be recruited in the army very easily.

AbbreviationsIO/Numeral AbilityArithmetic
Awards & PrizesGeometry
Indian army gd exam syllabus PDF

Indian Army Technical syllabus 2022 PDF

Friends I would like to tell for your information that Indian Army Technical Syllabus It is different from GD and Clerk and most importantly, the pattern of this exam is also different so that everyone should know so that they can do their preparation in the right direction, why exam pattern gives us an idea of ​​which subject. How many questions will be asked from the chapter and after knowing that we can pay more attention to them and can also bring the maximum number of marks.

1. Indian army technical exam pattern

Friends, below I have explained in full detail about army technical through a chart which if you read well then you will understand well about the pattern of this exam and with the help of this you will be able to Preparation can be taken in a right direction.

SubjectQuestionsMarksPass MarksRemarks
General Knowledge1020
Indian army technical exam pattern

2. Indian army technical exam syllabus PDF

Friends, in Indian Army technical exam, questions are asked from 4 subjects which are other army The exam is different from the syllabus like, General Knowledge, Math, Physics, Chemistry out of all these subjects, 100 number of questions are asked in the exam and you have to get 40 marks to pass it, and after that if you have If you have a certificate of NCC, then you also get the benefit of it in the exam.

To understand the exam syllabus better, go through the chart given below.

AbbreviationsMotion, Force and EnergyArithmeticNature and behavior
SportsMatterAlgebraElectrochemical cell
Awards & PrizesMotionCalculusClassification of elements
HistoryForceMensurationCarbon and its compounds
GeographyGravitationArea and VolumeExtraction of metals
TerminologyWork and EnergyTrigonometryChemical bond
LightHeights and DistancesElectrolysis
HeatGeometryNatural Resources
ElectricityLines and AnglesWater
Wave MotionStatistics
Domestic electric circuit
Sun as a Source of energyProbability
Heat engines
Nuclear energy
Indian army technical exam syllabus PDF

Army Nursing Assistant Exam Syllabus 2022 PDF

As you will also know that every year lakhs of people sit the Army Nursing Assistant exam but only a few of them are able to succeed in this exam. One reason for this is that they prepare for the exam. Do not go through the syllabus of this exam before doing it. Not only do you understand its pattern well, but if you look at the syllabus of that exam before preparing for any exam and understand its pattern, then you can easily pass that exam with the best numbers.

1. Indian army nursing assistant exam pattern

Friends, below I have explained the army nursing assistant exam pattern well through a chart, which you can read and understand the entire pattern of this exam and prepare yourself in the right direction.

SubjectsQuestionsMarksPass Marks
General Knowledge10
Indian army nursing assistant exam pattern

2. Indian army nursing assistant exam syllabus PDF

50 questions are asked from all 5 subjects in Indian Nursing Assistant which are of 200 marks. And those 5 subjects are like this, General Knowledge, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and all the questions that come in the exam are asked from these subjects, it depends on how your preparation is, But here I have an advice that if you give 6 hours a day for good 4 months for the preparation of this exam, then you can easily secure your job by taking out this exam very comfortably.

Benefits of Indian Army Exam Syllabus

Many people keep asking me that before giving any exam, what is the benefit of understanding its syllabus and its pattern, then I would like to tell them that by doing only this, you will spend a lot of time. will be saved and your preparation will be in the right direction because by looking at the syllabus and pattern of any exam, we get to know how many questions will come from which subjects in that exam and from where more questions are coming so that you While doing your preparation, be able to pay more attention to those subjects from where maximum number of questions have come in the last years and by doing just that, in the coming exam, without much effort, you can earn maximum marks in that exam by doing smart work. can be sure.

Indian Army Syllabus 2022 FAQ

  1. How many marks in Indian Army GD Exam Questions come?

    Friends, I would like to tell you that in the Indian Army GD, there are 50 questions with a full 200 marks and to pass in this exam, you have to get 80 marks out of 200.

  2. What is the height demanded in Indian Army GD?

    Friend asks for 170 cm height in Indian Army GD.

  3. What is the age required in the army 2022?

    To join the army, your age is between 17 and 21 years, for GD and not at least 10th pass, then only you can fill the form.

  4. What is the height, weight, chest asked for in Indian Army Clerk?

    Friends ask for 165 cm height from the Indian army clerk and ask for 50 Kg weight and 77/82 chest.

  5. What should be the height of girls in the army?

    The girl always stays in agreement about how much the height of girls is sought in the army, so I would like to tell you that the height of girls in the army is 142 / 152 cm.



I hope you Indian Army have understood the complete syllabus of Indian Army. I have also provided their PDF so that you can download it and keep it and whenever you want, you can see the Army Syllabus so that your preparation can be best and you can ensure your job by scoring maximum marks in the exam. You can do it and I sincerely hope that you must have liked our article but still if you have any question in your mind then you can ask it in the comment box, I will definitely help you.

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