eLitmus Verbal Ability Questions and Answers 2022

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eLitmus Verbal Ability Questions

1. Gracious

A. Pretty
B. Clever
C. Pleasant
D. Present

Answer – C. Pleasant

Gracious means to be pleasant or considerate in social interactions.

2. Jovial

A. Incredulous
B. Merry
C. Revolting
D. Dizzy

Answer – B. Merry

Jovial means were good-humored or merry.

3. Loquacious

A. Talkative
B. Thirsty
C. Beautiful
D. Complicated

Answer – A. Talkative

Loquacious means are excessively talkative.

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4. Educe

A. Demand
B. Elicit
C. Ideal
D. Unlawful

Answer – B. Elicit

Educe means to develop something potential or latent.
Moreover, Elicit means to draw out something hidden or latent.

5. Acrid

A. Mild
B. Pungent
C. Severe
D. Slight

Answer – B. Pungent

Acrid means sharp or pungent.

eLitmus Verbal Ability Questions

6. Heartfelt

A. Unhealthy
B. Humorous
C. Loving
D. Insincere

Answer – D. Insincere

Heartfelt means expressing a genuine feeling or sincere.
Hence, Insincere is its opposite.

7. Rotund

A. Thin
B. Dull
C. Round
D. Unimportant

Answer – A. Thin

Rotund means rounded or plump.
Therefore, Thin is the opposite.

8. Erode

A. Diminish
B. Disappear
C. Improve
D. Vanish

Answer – C. Improve

Erode means to gradually wear away or deteriorate.
Therefore, improve is its antonym.

9. Wily

A. Twisted
B. Cunning
C. Irrational
D. Guileless

Answer – D. Guileless

The words wily means cunning and guileless are quite the opposite.

10. Stationary

A. Moving
B. Detached
C. Fixative
D. Attachable

Answer – A. Moving

The word stationary means fixed.
Therefore, moving is an antonym.

eLitmus Verbal Ability Questions

11. Local

A. the village has an excellent local bus service
B. the street was full of locals and tourists
C. the village has an excellent local bus service
D. I suppose this all feels pretty local to you

Answer – D. I suppose this all feels pretty local to you

Replace ‘local’ with ‘foreign’
Then, I suppose this all feels pretty foreign to you

12. Issue

A. savory smells began to issue from the kitchen
B. she devoted her whole adult life to the issue of deaf people
C. the committee has yet to meet to discuss the issue
D. licenses were issued indiscriminately to any company

Answer – B. she devoted her whole adult life to the issue of deaf people

Replace ‘issue’ with ‘cause’
she devoted her whole adult life to the cause of deaf people

13. Initiate

A. they Initiate their study with these words
B. he proposes to initiate discussions on planning procedures
C. she had been formally initiated into the movement
D. they were initiated into the mysteries of mathematics

Answer – A. they Initiate their study with these words

Replace ‘Initiate’ with ‘conclude’
they Initiate their study with these words

eLitmus Verbal Ability Questions

14. Parsing: Grammar

A. Paratrooping: Air force
B. Cleaning: House
C. Running: Health
D. Praying: God

Answer – A. Paratrooping: Air force

First is an essential part of the second.

15. Money: Transaction

A. Ideas: Exchange
B. Language: Conversation
C. Life: Death
D. Water: Drink

Answer – B. Language: Conversation

second is the process of exchange of the first.

16. East: Orient

A. North: Polar
B. South: Capricorn
C. West: Occident
D. North: tropic

Answer – C. West: Occident

Second is another name for the first.

Direction (Q. 17 – 20): Fi

eLitmus Verbal Ability Questions

17. Of course, to occupy the White House, she will first have to ward off a stiff attack from___________Republican nominee Donald Trump, the fire-breathing property billionaire.

A. unconvincing
B. presumptive
C. harassing
D. unbelievable

Answer – B. presumptive

Presumptive – of the nature of a presumption
Presumed in the absence of further information.

18. If such a law comes into force there should no prizes for guessing which community will be targeted most, although anyone can potentially be____________by authorities.

A. harassed
B. naive
C. omitting
D. disfavor

Answer – A. harassed

Harassed -feeling or looking strained as a result of having too many demands made on one.

19. In the 1950s, most of the policies our Constitution enacted were to____________those aspects of our tradition that had made us weak.

A. combat
B. gratify
C. illiteracy
D. soothe

Answer – A. combat

Combat – fighting between armed forces

20. India has for thousands of years___________and worshipped all natural resources, flora, and fauna.

A. lassitude
B. revered
C. innocuous
D. backing

Answer – B. revered

Revered – feel deep respect

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