Data Management Salesforce Interview Questions

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Data Management Salesforce Interview Questions

1. Is it necessary to define an explicit primary key in custom objects?

No. Every object has a standard field called id. There is no need to define an explicit primary key in custom objects. The standard id field can be used as primary key.

2. In which order, we upload data in salesforce for related objects?

When loading data into a salesforce application dependencies between objects determine the order in which objects are loaded. If there is a one-to-many relationship between A and B, the data for A should be loaded before the data for B.

3. What is Upsert and how external id are beneficial?

Upsert is an API function that combines insert and updates into a single call. Upsert uses an indexed custom field or external ID to determine whether to create a new object or update an existing object.

  • If the external ID is not matched, then a new object is created
  • If the external ID is matched once, then the existing object is updated
  • If the external ID is matched multiple times, then an error is reportedUse Upsert when importing data to prevent the creation duplicates.

4. What is import wizard?

It is easy to use tool to load Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Solutions, or Custom Objects.

  • Load 50,000 records or less.
  • Prevent duplicates
  • Doesn’t support all standard object but supports all custom object

5. Which is API based tool supported by Salesforce and what are its advantages?

Apex Data Loader

Advantages are:

  • Is a fully supported product.
  • Supports import from CSV or export to CSV.
  • Can be used to import or export more than 50,00 records.
  • Supports loading from or exporting to a database via JDBC.
  • Supports custom relationships for UPSERT.
  • Can be run from command line.

6. Can we avoid duplicates using apex data loader which we can do through import wizard?


7. What is Bulk API?

The Bulk API is used to upload high volume of data (millions of records).
The Data Loader uses the SOAP-based Web Services API by default. To use the Bulk API instead, check “Bulk API” checkbox in apex data loader settings page.
When you check Bulk API checkbox, increases the batch (upto 10000 records) which is usually 200 in normal upload.
Hard delete bypasses the Recycle Bin, so deleted records do not consume storage space and there is no way to retrieve them.

8. What is difference between “Export” and “Export All” in apex data loader?

Export: It will fetch only active records from salesforce.
Export All: It will fetch active as well as records from recycle bin.

9. True or False: Users can mass transfer records to which they do not have read access?


10. What is DateTime format supported in .csv file for upload in salesforce?


11. Is there is any option to specify time zone for uploading records in apex data loader?

Yes. Present in settings page of apex data loader.

12. When “Hard Delete” button will be enabled in apex data loader?

When you enable Bulk API setting in apex data loader.

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